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Visionic Carrier Monitoring

Visionic Carrier Monitoring is a simple, automated TV/ Radio / other channels monitoring solution. Solution is designed for broadcasting, satellite and other telecom operators that require a reliable and rich in features carrier monitoring system.

This solution initiates, in sequence, a series of operations that measure particular channel. These data are then stored into the database, analyzed and compared to the predefined max/min values. If the measured value is outside the range, an appropriate alarm (high/low) is raised for the particular channel.

Measurements are stored within a database for historical purposes, allowing further analysis and in depth reporting. The reporting functions are implemented through web pages to provide an easy access to the relevant data.

The image below demonstrates the most commonly used functionality to measure incoming signals with a single spectrum analyzer. The system can be deployed as-is (turnkey solution) on a number of installations. Alternatively, it can be modified so that it accompanies different sort of measurement instruments (IRD, demodulator, DVB analyzer) and/or to provide different types of measurements – like DVB-S/S2/C/C2/T/T2, IP quality analyzers, signal analyzers and similar.


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