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DSNG Monitoring and Control System

Our DSNG M&C systems provide the largest flexibility for mobile communications and production requirements for the applications of satellite news gathering, outside broadcast, sport events and any other news gathering operations (major events, disaster relief etc.).

A fully automated and integrated SNG system that fits easily your fleet of vehicles such as ENG, Vans and Trucks and gives you a powerful and suitable monitoring and control solution. Hot live and any news coverage from anywhere in the today's world is not possible without a  reliable and dedicated M&C solution for Satellite News Gathering.

Ideal M&C system for live production, all major DSNG operators using vans or trucks are equiped with our Visionic M&C systems (see also Visionic 5 products).


Typical system components are:

  • Drive-away or Fly-away antenna with a diameter between 0.9M and 2.4M
  • TWTAs, SSPAs and Block Upconverters
  • DSNG MPEG-2/4 Encoder, Modulator, L-Band Upconverter (e.g. Tandberg E5714)
  • Communication Modem
  • IRDs

It is possible to configure and control your SNG M&C stations remotely. Visionic systems cooperate with heterogeneous equipment and are compliant with all standard connection interfaces: serial (RS232/RS485), LAN (TCP/IP or UDP), SNMP, MODBUS, HTTP and general purpose IO (via MODBUS).

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