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Earth Station Management System

Satellite M&C system is a turnkey solution for any type of satellite stations and associated baseband equipment. It has been successfully used to provide support for satellite services and offers designated command for any type of station.
Our leading Satellite M&C Systems are specifically designed for satellite environments. They offer convenient, easy way to observe your remote or in-house equipment, manage the satellite data transmissions, gather data, receive alarms and notifications, receive extensive reports and charts and be sure that your signal is delivered as clear and properly relayed. Intorel has hundreds of references across the world (see also Visionic 5 products).


Our engineers will guide you through all phases of ground systems engineering from design through to final delivery. We provide cost-effective turnkey solutions for TV, Radio and Data Transmission:

  • Satellite Uplink/Downlink Stations
  • VSAT Stations
  • DSNG Stations
  • many other satellite systems
It is possible to configure and control the satellite station remotely. Intorel Satellite M&C Systems can cooperate with heterogeneous equipment and is compliant with all standard connection interfaces: serial (RS232/RS485), LAN (TCP/IP or UDP), SNMP, MODBUS, HTTP and general purpose IO (via MODBUS).

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