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After a careful analysis of M&C market, Intorel came up with a solution suitable for everyone – in a true sense of the word, since Visionic5 now comes in three different editions, aimed at three different segments.

three licenses


A full version as we know it, aimed at large telecom systems worldwide. Visionic5 Professional  supports unlimited number of devices.


A perfect solution for small and medium sized M&C systems for satellite and broadcast centers. This solution supports up to 7 devices.



Especially tailored to suit the VSAT and SNG budget. VSAT License has been designed to support small systems with up to 7 devices. 


Compare the Licenses 

This is not the only surprise that comes with the improved licensing model:

  • Product licensing is now software-based and does not require use of HASP keys.
  • Number of clients per M&C server is unlimited, and includes bot design and runtime license.
  • The price is calculated based on number of devices, not device drivers, allowing you to determine your budget without surprises.
  • Auto-backup, macros, EIRP displays and text displays are free of charge.

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