Visionic5 Professional - Key Features

Off the Shelf System

Visionic is a commercial product, and does not require special equipment or software. Installation is fast and straightforward.

User Interface

Following the well-known Visionic philosophy, system design is based on a simple “drag and drop” of selected device into your workspace. User interface is equipped with gradient elements and background drawing in high quality.

Custom dialogs, designed according to your preferences replace old-fashion dialogs.


Unlimited number of clients per M&C server (royalty free) is allowed. Visionic5 new, modern user interface definitely provides both look and feel of well-known, familiar Office 2007 /2010

Devices Drivers Library

Design libraries, incorporated in Visionic GUI, contain hundreds of devices. This feature allows you to draw your design to precisely resemble the real time system. 

Easy to use

Visionic is based on simple, familiar concepts, and it doesn’t require programming experience. It offers a unique user experience and considerably reduces the training time and effort.

Multi-Page Design

Multi-page design allows you to see your system or systems in several alternative views. These different standpoints might provide you a new perspective and lead to new ideas

Wizard Assistant

Visionic user interface incorporates design-time wizards, carefully developed to assist the engineer in system design and optimization.

Simple & Centralized

Visionic5 offers all Visionic functions on one place (Visionic Starter). Project export includes all files required to run the system, including Visio and all drivers. Import effectively (re)installs the system on the computer. Visionic5 can operate without Internet connection, given the fact that all device drivers included in the installation package.

Centralized Control

When a system has multiple GUI workstations connected, the Visionic grants control of the system to one operator at any given time. This way, Visionic proofs your system against the possible human error.

Automation and Macros

Visionic integrated macro recorder and auto-backup elements are designed to allow any kind of automated response.

Scheduled Actions

It is possible to define actions whose execution will be triggered by particular event or in predefined time intervals.

Logging, Charting and Reporting

Every operation, alarm, alarm acknowledgement and any other user action is logged for further analysis. The logs can be stored on the local hard disk, in a form of text files, or in the database, for up to one year. Logs entries can be used for a detailed charting and reporting, based on any selection criteria. The selection criteria are fully definable by the operator. Visionic5 offers integrated replacement for RRDVisLogger. It is not dependent on IIS or SQLExpress and installation is included in Visionic, there is no separate MSI file. Charting and trending definition are part of the project.

Alarm Manager

The system can execute any action in case of equipment's failure or alarm (SMS, phone call, e-mail/pager notification, industrial horn, etc…)

In case of suboptimal conditions, the system will raise an alarm, assigned the severity level (major, minor, warning) represented by colour code. Acknowledgement function allows an operator to remove particular alarm from the list. In addition, events that triggered alarms can be exported to excel file.

Colour coding

Colour-coding of the equipment and its various states allowing perception of the system state at a single glance. The system is refreshed on regular basis keeping the equipment and the colour of the lines always up to date

Security Management

The Visionic supports several levels of security, allowing shared access between several operators with strict user rights management.

Uplink Power Control

Poor weather conditions can seriously affect data transfer, including satellite transmissions, broadcasts or telecommunications. Visionic incorporates Uplink Power Control, a feature designed to prevent the signal loss or degradation and to ensure secure, seamless data transmission regardless of the weather conditions. UPC is based on simple, but efficient principle – it increases the transmission power of the uplink, thus taking over the function of hardware equipment such as amplifiers and significantly reducing the costs.

Remote Spectrum Analyzer Command and Display

Visionic can be used to accurately measure frequency, amplitude and modulation including distortion, spurious, phase noise of any communication signals. SA can demodulate a broad range of standard-based and general-purpose digital signals and formats.

Carrier Level Monitoring

Carrier Level Monitoring Systems provide satellite operators, teleport operators and other service providers the ability to automatically monitor RF carrier performance, with minimal effort.

Full Redundancy

Visionic offers a full system redundancy in case of network faults and interruptions.

Automated G/T Measurements

Automated GT measurements are incorporated. Having advanced access to these measurements enables engineers to address potential issues early in the design cycle.

Compilation system

Complete project is stored in a single VZ file, including all drivers (DLLs), MODBUS and all other settings now in project files.

Visionic Runtime

All Visionic5 files are centralized in one place:MIBs, HOSTS files, registry settings are replaced with files under project settings. Once compiled, the project is independent from the rest of Visionic system.

  • Visionic 5 Professional has all the options included and unlimited number of devices per system
  • You have to own one license per Visionic server and per computer where the system is executed.

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