Visionic 4.50 Release


The new Visionic 4.50 release brings new features and fixes for the Visionic Professional and Visionic Frontline. The update is available to all Visionic4 Premium Users as an ISO download.

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The new update of Visionic is available – Visionic 4.50

Visionic requires now .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

The new Visionic works the best with the latest .NET framework from Microsoft. This framework should be installed on all computers running Visionic: design computers, runtime servers AND mandatory the remote GUI workstations.

The UDP communication between client and server has been massively improved.

The new UDP protocol allows reliable UDP (RUDP) and improves data transfer. The new UDP communication protocol is NOT compatible with the previous versions. This means that the Visionic 4.50 client CANNOT connect to the server that is not at least version 4.50. Please take note of this!

The new SETUP procedure

Up to now, when generating a setup from the Visio, Visionic would include the complete runtime engine in the generated setup. This is fine for the first installation, but later, these runtime components are packed, reinstalled and carried, even if the Visionic server already have these installed. In Visionic 4.50, the setups created are much smaller – typical setup is around 7MB now. But this setup includes only project specific files.

UniCode and language support

Visionic 4.5 is now able to support some other languages than the English, which include some specific characters such as “äè” and similar.

Diagnostics client

The new program is located in Visionic->Tools menu and allows user / designer to see the complete status of the server, along with the values associated to all statuses, parameters and alarms.

SNMP client changes

The custom dialogs with SNMP has been improved the SNMP client got a button to reset SNMP alarms

New elements

The new release brings these new elements in the stencil:
Miteq 99xx converter
Miteq block upconverter
Moubic redundancy controller
Peak IBxH converters
Peak RCU 100HH redundancy controller