List of prices on Intorel’s web site


Intorel, world’s leading developer of advanced monitoring and control solutions for broadcast enterprises and satellite communications, is announcing that the list of prices for Intorel’s gamut of products, including the flagship product Visionic, will be made publicly available via Intorel’s web site.

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Simplicity, user-friendly approach and affordability: these are the three pillars of Intorel’s business policy. Setting these three criteria as our business priorities, we have decided to provide our future clients with open list of prices for our products, which will be soon made publicly available on We are hoping that this will serve as invaluable aid in the decision-making process concerning the present and future broadcast enterprises.

Our time-tested and widely used monitoring and control systems are custom-tailored to fit the need of every broadcast company or facility. We are offering the prices which are within the reach of any broadcast company – highly specialized or targeted to the world audience, local, regional or multinational. This commitment to affordability, without compromising the level of quality and service, has brought us many satisfied clients.

In addition to that, our firm policy is that our products should and always will be used in a way that guarantees the optimum efficiency of work process. Visionic, with its fully customizable interface, offers the unparalleled experience to system engineers: after the swift installation process, system engineer will be, within days, ready for confident and unassisted use of our applications.

Important notification for our current clients: the price list that we are providing will not in any way affect their standing arrangements with Intorel, as well as commitments that we have made to them prior to publication of the list.

Intorel is the major developer of monitoring and control, earth station control and other industrial solutions for broadcast and satellite industry, with more than 500 customers in over 50 countries. At he core of Intorel’s gamut of products is the Visionic platform, which enables direct or remote operation of any number of satellite and broadcasting devices.

Clear, uninterrupted and properly relayed signal is the very essence of quality broadcasting. We are dedicated to this goal.

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