Broadcast Industries

Intorel’s Visionic based solution has been carefully developed for broadcast systems and environments. It offers a broad range of professional solutions for measuring, monitoring and controlling DVB signals and IP equipment. It autonomously monitors everything you send and receive, regarding your specific needs.

Core functionality lays in stable and reliable measurement and logging of every aspect of DVB data flow, hence allowing the system engineers to observe, in full detail, all events related to DVB signal streaming: automatic measuring, alarm management, trending, scheduling and analyzing & reporting.

Leading broadcast operators and service providers around the world are using Visionic for:

  • TVRO Systems for Cable Headends or for Terrestrial Retransmission
  • Fixed and Mobile Microwave Links for Broadcasting
  • DVB-T Encoding & Multiplexing Headends

Visionic broadcast solution is developed to ensure centralized access to every broadcasting facility and to provide detailed, in-depth analysis of every aspect of digital video broadcast. It is fully functional on almost any DVB platform regardless of how different or special it is. It can be integrated with any DVB equipment using standard IP protocol.

 The capacity of the system is unlimited. It has the capability to measure unlimited number of channels or transport streams. Meanwhile, each measurement is completely user-definable and can be changed during normal operation. Convenient, customizable GUI is designed to assist a system engineer to achieve best results with minimal time and effort, by deciding which parameters will be measured, when and how.
 The event and device measurements are stored within log files, up to one year, providing a full overview of events.The stored data can be consulted in any form of graphical representation: tables, charts or diagrams, to name a few.
 Visionic provides global, comprehensive, content management and distribution support tools for TV, Radio and data transmissions as well as any other fragment of the rapidly expanding broadcasting industry. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.