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Visionic VSAT Licence Specification

  • The Visionic VSAT license allows the design and monitoring and control of up to 7 devices.
  • The Design subsystem is not included in this license, as it has a preconfigured schema delivery.
  • It also includes a hardware schematic wizard that creates hardware schematic from the Visionic project as a Visio drawing.
  • The integrated SNMP subsystem transforms the Visionic server into an SNMP agent. It exposes real time data of non-SNMP devices and allows setting the same equipment. In addition it auto-generates MIB (Management information base) for the project.
  • The MODBUS TCP/IP connection toward Moxa remote modules and other MODBUS-compatible devices is limited to one. The MODBUS configuration utility is also included.
  • The Visionic5 VSAT licence supports several levels of security, allowing only some workstations and some users to take control over the system.
  • You have to own one license per Visionic server and per computer where the system is executed.