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Visionic Frontline Overview

frontlinevanpicVisionic Frontline is a perfect solution for small systems and provides full control for 7-15 devices.

So far, Visionic Frontline is used in broadcasting industry, for the control of outside broadcasting vans (OB), SNG cars, Mobile VSAT flyaway stations, etc; as well as their integration into central systems/network.

The M&C system only needs very narrow network bandwidth to transfer its information to the GUI workstation. Typically, a 9600 bps link is sufficient to have near-real time performance. This allows clients to be work correctly even if they are connected via telephone or even GSM line.

You can integrate Visionic Frontline with various and diverse equipment, and implement modifications in case of changes.

Clear, uninterrupted and properly relayed signal is the very essence of quality broadcasting. We are truly dedicated to this goal.