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Visionic Frontline Features

Server-related features

  • The Visionic server has a high performance server device that polls up to 50 xs per second and up to 1024 devices.
  • All data is logged in to SQLite database for the period of up to one year. After that period the database will be rewritten.
  • All necessary tools for creating Macros, Macro Recorder and Editor for managing macros are included. Visionic has a high-speed macro execution and exports macros as VBScript files.
  • Possibility to automatically execute off macros and the scheduling of actions and macros can be done as a repeated task or as a one time task.
  • Visionic will execute the trending and charting of any real time parameters in the system.
  • The device drivers are exposed as SOAP web services.
  • You have to own one license per Visionic server and per computer where the system is executed.

Client-related features

  • The Visionic client is unlimited and fast. It is a modern GUI client with attractive gradient elements and real time color coding of devices and paths. It also shows the real time data. The user interaction can be done via mouse or touch screen.
  • TCP/IP connectivity. As Visionic doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth, you can remotely connect your client over any IP network with low bandwidth. It is royalty free and it can be installed on all workstations in the system.
  • Ultra-fast alarm centre with user acknowledgement, comment data entry and custom actions. It can play sounds or speak the text when the alarm arrives.
  • Five different alarm levels with each of them in their own distinctive colours.
  • The VBScript-based client scripts provide custom functionalities.
  • There are over 30 custom indicators for GUI dashboards. It can go from led bars to sliders to switches.
  • User can create or modify dialogs used for the devices. There are localized dialogs for foreign languages.
  • Using custom tags, it is possible to expand any device in the system with custom properties that can be used in real time.

Other features

  • The system diagnostics client has a real time debugging data and it is a replacement for DbgView. It shows notifications from the client and allows user to fine-tune the system and bandwidth between client and server.
  • One license per server or single development computer is required to run the system. The remote workstations are royalty free.
  • Visionic Frontline includes demo simulators and alarm simulators to simulate the device alarms.
  • The included generic SNMP explorer helps the user to build SNMP templates quickly.
  • Help file with over 800 pages covering all aspects of Visionic, from tutorials for designing the first system to operating runtime systems, are integrated into Visionic Frontline.
  • Online examples showing different functions of the Visionic system are available for our clients.
  • Our support forums are accessible to, where our engineers provide the answers in a vibrant, professional environment.
  • After the installation, all clients will be provided with 6 months of free engineering and tech support for your systems. The support can either happen through a remote connection, an email or a telephone connection, with a maximum responding time of one (next) business day.
  • Microsoft Visio is not included in Visionic Frontline.