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Visionic Spectrum Analyzer 2.0 - Product Overview

With Visionic Spectrum Analyzer you will have uninterrupted remote monitoring of your physical devices, as well as remote real-time interaction with any spectrum analyzer devices.

Visionic Spectrum Analyzer will work with generic equipment, unlike hardware device vendor’s solutions that works only with their own equipment.

Integration with Visionic 

Spectrum Analyzer can be easily integrated in the higher level M&C - Visionic system - as a typical element or device. Just like with any other device, Visionic is capable of presenting and logging Spectrum Analyzer’s alarms, statuses and other parameters.

Features and functionalities: 

• Remote control of different SA devices equipment using the same interface.
• Logging of trace and parameters on local disk.
• Exporting logged data to an avi file, so user can graphically see what was happening during specified period of time.
• Markers (user can add 2 markers on trace graph that will show result power on frequency position)
• Alarm boxes – user can define up to 64 alarm boxes by drawing them inside graph or defining them manually. 
• Presets - user can define presets as a sequence of parameter-value pairs, that are applied when the preset is loaded.
• Exporting Current trace as .csv file.
• Printing current graph
• Macro command – from SA application user can define and perform macro execution on Visionic.
• Configurable menu and front panel
• Setting the device in maintenance mode
• Saving traces graph and showing them for the comparison purposes
• Custom macro commands button which actives Visionic macro command and/or loads preset on the SA
• Leaving a user message on the server for all connected clients and operators to know who is working on the device

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 Visionic Spectrum Analyzer Brochure